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Six Ways to Use the New Family Time! Weekly Planner

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Peanut Butter and Grace has incredible resources and activities. You know you could never possibly do them all (don’t worry, we don’t either), but here are ways to get you started.

by Heidi Indahl

1. Look for Family Feast Days

When you download your weekly planner, take note of any family patrons. We give name days high priority in our house! Rather than always planning a special feast, the rule is simply that the person with the name day feast gets to choose and make dessert. Sometimes we get fancier, but start there!

2. Look for Someone New

Next, look for new saints. These are fun to acknowledge even if we don’t do anything special to celebrate because we get to learn something new. The Family Time! pdfs are loaded with links to help you do this. Spend a few extra minutes on these days reading through the information first thing over breakfast.

3. Take a Moment to Plan Ahead

Each planner starts on Sunday. Saturday evening or first thing Sunday, take 10 minutes as a family to go over the weekly prayer requests and jot down your mission for the week. Post the planner in a spot where everyone can see the list of prayer requests and take quick opportunities to address those prayers.

4. Explore the Weekly Challenge

At the same time you set your family prayer requests and weekly mission, check out the weekly challenge. Can you do it? If it’s going to take some scheduling, get it on everyone’s calendar right now! We love to set goals and celebrate successes at our house — yes, we are a little competitive over here. How many weeks in a row can you at least partially complete the challenge?

5. Study the Scripture

Another option is to work on memorizing the Scripture, the saint quote … or both! Use them as handwriting practice if you homeschool (or teach in a Catholic school). Add them as a part of your prayer. Post them on the bathroom mirror. A member of our parents’ group shared that her family actually uses St. Padre Pio’s quote, “Pray, hope and don’t worry!” as a family motto. What a neat way to surround your family with positive inspirations throughout the week!

6. Choose Activities that Support Your Unique Family

Finally, consider your family charisms, goals and missions. Each of our families is intentionally unique from all of the others. Choose activities that support your family unity and mission for whatever season of life you are in right now. You are a team and should make decisions as a team for the benefit of the team. If it’s going to stress you out to add a certain activity, than now is not the time.

The new Family Time! pdfs are designed to help your family where ever your family is. There isn’t a right or a wrong way to use them, I promise! We’d love to hear how you are using the new printable resource.  Request to join our PB & Grace Parents group on Facebook to share your stories with other parents and get new ideas!

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