The stories we tell—especially the stories we tell our kids—shape our future. These regular contributors to Peanut Butter & Grace tell stories of grace amid parenting, and examine the stories we tell our kids to see how they might (or might not) echo and reflect the larger Story of God’s saving action in the world.


Becky Arganbright | Confessing the Blessings

CONFESSING“I am a Catholic wife and stay-at-home mom with five children, trying hard to live as an example of our faith to my family while still being a work-in-process to God. Life is never boring being a Catholic! God always has something for you to do!”

Becky is also the author of The Little Flower. She also makes clay rose rosaries at her Etsy shop, Roses for Mary.

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Heidi Indahl | The Intentional Family

Intentional-Family“Heidi has a professional background in education, with a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design. In her spare time she enjoys taekwondo, gardening, knitting, and the occasional freelance writing or consulting job. She blogs about her Catholic family life at”

Heidi is also the author of 44 Ways to Serve with Your Kids.

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Jen Schameuss-Perry | Breaking Open the Word at Home

BOWH-logo“Jen is a massive fan of all things Sci-fi, Superheroes and Cartoons. These things, more than any other, occupy her mind & keyboard as she ponders them through the lens of her Catholic faith. Jen is a Coordinator of Children’s Catechesis for a Catholic church and is a wife and mother of two boys.”

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