How to Say the Rosary

You don’t need an actual string of rosary beads to pray the rosary, but it is traditional; the beads add a tactile dimension to the prayer that reflects the sacramental, incarnational sensibility of Catholic faith. The prayers listed in bold … Read More

Prayer Journals: A Space for Teens to Reflect on Their Spiritual Health

Encourage your teen to keep a prayer journal as a way to develop and enrich her prayer life. Sometimes, the process of writing thoughts down leads to new insights and clarity (see Write Your Prayer). Teens can use their prayer … Read More

Introducing Kids to Contemplative Prayer

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Contemplation may not seem suited to wiggly, squirmy, eye-rolling, “Are-we-done-yet?” kids. But this intimate basking in Christ’s love is something kids deserve to know about. This article is adapted from the book 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids. Contemplative … Read More

Teaching Children to Pray: Three Reasons To Be Not Afraid

  Prayer is essential to the Christian life, and parents are the primary people responsible for teaching their children to pray. Here are three bits of encouragement from the Church that might make the responsibility of educating your children in … Read More

How to Make Your Own Prayer Pillowcases

You can help kids learn simple morning or evening prayers by writing the prayers on their pillowcases using permanent marker or fabric marker. Put a morning prayer on one side and an evening prayer on the other; let the kids … Read More

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