Meditative Prayer for Catholic Kids: 10 Ways to Get Started

  Teach your kids the many ways that Catholics practice meditative prayer so they can experience the fruits of this rich spiritual tradition, now and as adults. Here’s how.   This article is adapted from 77 Ways to Pray for … Read More

Make a Stations of the Cross Story Timeline with Your Kids

  You can prepare younger children for Holy Week and for praying the Stations of the Cross by making the stations into a story timeline. Here’s how, with links to resources.   by Heidi Indahl   The Stations of the Cross … Read More

Pray the Seven Penitential Psalms • Prayers for Catholic Kids

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  Introduce your kids to the Seven Penitential Psalms during your family prayer this Lent. Saying “sorry” is tough for everyone—not just kids, but adults, too. The difficulty of a truly heartfelt apology is all too frequently on display in … Read More

Teach Your Kids Imaginative Prayer

  Are your children daydreamers? Do they love hearing stories—or making them up? Leverage the power of your children’s God-given imagination to teach them Ignatian imaginative prayer. Is your child a daydreamer? St. Ignatius of Loyola was a daydreamer, too. In … Read More

Why We Teach Our Kids to Pray for Lost Coins (and iPods)

  I don’t always like praying for lost things—why bother God with such trivial matters? But my kids keep losing things, so we keep praying to find them. And slowly, over time, God has taught me why it’s worth teaching our kids to … Read More

Take Your Kids on a Quiet Walk to Teach Contemplative Prayer

    How do you teach fidgety kids contemplative prayer? Start small, with simple activities that support contemplative prayer . . . like taking a silent walk to find God out in the world.   by Jerry Windley-Daoust Raising kids who … Read More

Let Your Kids Wear Their Prayer

  Help your kids “put on Christ” every morning by giving them the option to “wear their prayer.” Here are some cool options.   Priests, monks, and nuns all wear special clothes as an outward sign of their faith—not only as a … Read More

Pray for the Dead with Your Kids

  We Catholics believe that the communion established between us in God’s love is not broken by death. One of the best ways to teach your kids about this reality is to pray for the dead; here’s how.   This article … Read More

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