Saint Josephine Bakhita • Playing with the SAINTS!

Kidnapped from her loving family at age seven and sold into slavery! by Christine Henderson   You love your parents and siblings and expect to grow up in your loving family. This is the way it should be. But for … Read More

Saint Drithelm • Playing with the SAINTS!

What would you do if a dead man sat up and talked to you?   by Christine Henderson Imagine you’re visiting a very sick relative. Suddenly you stop seeing his chest move up and down. He’s died. Throughout the night … Read More

Our Lady of Lourdes • Playing with the SAINTS!

  Our Lady has appeared to many people throughout history, including a fourteen-year-old girl in Lourdes, France. Here’s the story of that girl and Our Lady of Lourdes.   by Christine Henderson   Of course, Mary, Jesus’ mother, is the … Read More

Meet St. Josephine Bakhita! • Saints for Kids

  Not long after being kidnapped and sold into slavery, Bakhita and a friend made a daring escape that led them deep into the Sudanese wilderness, where they quickly found themselves lost and hunted by wild animals . . . until … Read More

Do Something Loving for Valentine’s Day

  Help your older kids and teens plug into a community of service this Valentine’s Day.   by Heidi Indahl Are you familiar with  Do Something is a social justice site for young people by young people. It is basically … Read More

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