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Make a Pledge to Walk in the Light of Christ

Mark new beginnings, celebrate baptisms and renew your children’s baptismal promise by making a pledge to walk in the light of Christ.

by Heidi Indahl

In our house we try to be children of light by trying to live out our baptismal promises throughout the year. In baptism, we are washed of original sin and given new life through Christ. We also receive a baptismal candle to represent the light of Christ now living in us.

The beginning of any new season, the baptism of a family member or the anniversary of your children’s baptisms are all perfect opportunities to renew your family’s baptismal promise.

Activity: Walk in the Light of Christ Pledge


  • paper
  • pencil to trace feet
  • bare feet
  • art supplies to decorate pledge
  • scissors if you wish to cut and paste your pledge


  • Talk about the specific ways you can renew your baptismal promises and be a child of the light. Discuss how you can share that light with others. Some ideas include living the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, being faithful to the precepts of the Church, and living a life of virtue.
  • After you have talked, create a pledge statement for each family member.
  • Trace child’s footprint on a piece of paper.
  • Help children write, copy or sign a statement committing to walk as a child of light.
  • Display your family’s pledge.

Liturgical and Family Opportunities to Make the Pledge

Family life and the liturgical calendar offer many occasions in which to make this pledge with your children at home. Here are several.

  • the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord
  • the anniversaries of your family members’ baptisms
  • as part of a family activities during a baptism celebration
  • birthdays
  • the beginning of a new liturgical year or liturgical season
  • as part of a special activity for godparents and godchildren
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Heidi Indahl is a wife, mother, and professional educator with a master’s degree in instructional design. She and her husband are raising their seven children on a small farm in Southern Minnesota. She is the author of "Blessed Is the Fruit of the Womb, Rosary Reflections for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss" and blogs about all things faith, family and homeschool at workandplaydaybyday.com.

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