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The Bubble Prayer: A Way for Kids to Send Prayers to God

Here’s a super-simple way for kids ages 3-7 to send their prayers to God.

Here is a prayer that young children like; we call it “Bubble Prayer” because of the last step. Here’s what to do:

  • Ask your child to name intentions, as well as “gifts for God”—good things she did throughout the day, or things that she is thankful for.
  • When everyone has spoken their intentions and gifts, use words and hand gestures to wrap your prayer up in a bubble and lift it up to God:
  • “Let’s put all our prayers in a box!” Make hand gestures like you’re putting objects in a box.
  • “Let’s wrap the box in wrapping paper and put a bow on it.” Make wrapping and bow-tying gestures.
  • “Let’s put it in a bubble and lift it up to God!” Put the “gift box” in an imaginary bubble and lift it up to God with raised hands.
  • Shout: “Amen!”

The last gesture of physically “lifting up” your prayers to God echoes the Orans posture of the priest at Mass (hands upraised) and the incense that “carries” our prayers to heaven.

You may want to explain to your young one, however, that God is not only “up there,” but everywhere—and especially wherever people practice love of God and neighbor.

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