77 ways to pray


Whether you’re just getting started praying with your kids or you’re a “veteran” of family prayer who wants to mix things up or take your prayer deeper, our list of 77 ways (more or less) to pray with your kids can help.

These ideas for praying with your kids can be found in 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids; the numbers refer to the page number in the print copy of the book. Click on linked articles for the full article online, plus additional online resources.

Before getting started, you may want to read Teaching Children to Pray: Three Reasons To Be Not Afraid.


Advent Wreath   109

  • Bless your Advent wreath, Nativity scene, and Christmas tree
  • Make your own Advent wreath
  • Sing Advent songs
  • Use Advent prayer resources

Answer the Questions Jesus Asks   36

Apps for Prayer   110

Ask for What You Need   37

Baby Prayers 16

Bedtime Prayers   18

Bite-sized Biblical Prayers   39

Bless One Another   41

  • Let Your Child Bless You

Bless Your Home   42

  • During Eastertime
  • On Epiphany
  • When Moving

Celebrate the Anointing of the Sick   43

Celebrate the Eucharist   44

  • Attend a teen-friendly parish
  • Bonus points for participation
  • Check out Scriptural connections
  • Consequences
  • Do a liturgical scavenger hunt
  • Educate your kids about the Eucharistic liturgy
  • Encourage service in appropriate liturgical ministries       
  • Explain what is going on
  • Give kids a missal
  • Give kids a prayer book
  • Give young children a Holy Card Key Chain
  • Introduce your child to the priest, lectors, musicians, and servers
  • Invite participation
  • Make a point to offer thanks
  • Play Mass at home
  • Pray for help, and don’t expect perfection
  • Provide a missal
  • Read and discuss the Scripture readings in advance
  • Sit up front
  • Unpack the Mass
  • Use the nursery or cry room
  • Walk through the Mass
  • Walk to Mass

Celebrate Reconciliation   51

  • Coach reconciliation
  • Develop a habit
  • Find a time that works
  • Go early
  • Help kids overcome nervousness
  • Identify obstacles
  • Model reconciliation
  • Practice a Daily Examen
  • Understand the sacrament

Consecrate Your Family   56

Contemplative Prayer   56

Daily Examen   59

Dance Your Prayer   62

Discernment   63

Display Holy Images and Objects   111

Eucharistic Adoration   64

Evening Prayer 19

Examination of Conscience   67

Family Prayer Time 20

Fasting   68

  • Get to know Jesus
  • Give up the usual suspects (Sweets, video games, soda, junk food, social media, and other creature comforts)
  • Make your room a desert
  • Perform a random act of kindness every day
  • Practice being present
  • Pray it up
  • Quiet it down
  • Share
  • Slim down your wardrobe
  • Wear your faith
  • Write your fight

Go on a Pilgrimage  23

God’s Mailbox   112

Grab-Bag Prayers   113

  • Bookmarked prayers
  • Clothespins
  • Dice
  • Jar
  • Sticks

Gratitude or Thanksgiving Journal   114

  • #thankful
  • Dedicate the month of November to thanksgiving
  • Gratitude journal
  • Make a thanksgiving mural

Highs and Lows   72

Holy Card Key Chain   115

Holy Water   115

Home Oratory (or Prayer Corner)   116

Invocations   73

Kneel in Prayer   74

Lectio Divina   75

Let Kids Lead   77

  • Give choices (using Grab-bag Prayers)
  • Lead the rosary
  • Let them pray for you
  • Light a candle
  • Plan a prayer service
  • Prepare for prayer
  • Serve the Church
  • Start prayer

List Your Prayer Intentions   78

Liturgy of the Hours  24

Make a Book of Prayers   118

Mealtime Prayers  25

  • Pray after meals
  • Sacred reading
  • Start with silence

Meditate on Sacred Art   80

Meditative Prayer   82

Memorizing Prayers   83

Morning Prayer   27

Noon Prayer   28

  • Pray the Scriptures with Little Helpers
  • Sing your Prayer
  • Teach classic mealtime prayers

Novenas   85

Paper Chain Prayers   119

Pray Before School   29

  • At the door
  • At the flagpole
  • In the car

Pray Comings and Goings   29

Pray for the Dead   86

  • Keep a calendar of death anniversaries
  • Mark death anniversaries with prayer and ritual

Pray for Emergency Vehicles   30

Pray the Five Forms of Prayer   87

  • blessing and adoration
  • intercession
  • petition
  • praise
  • thanksgiving

Pray Life Events   31

  • addiction
  • adoption
  • baptismal anniversary
  • beginning or ending a school year
  • birthdays
  • blessing objects (such as tools, art materials, home, family vehicle, products of nature)
  • childbirth
  • discernment
  • engagement to be married
  • financial difficulties
  • graduation
  • harvesting
  • leaving home (for an extended period of time)
  • miscarriage
  • moving
  • neighborhood or family strife
  • nursing or feeding a child
  • planting
  • retirement
  • sports events
  • study
  • travel
  • unemployment
  • weather
  • wedding anniversary
  • welcoming guests
  • work

Pray the Our Father Meditatively   89

  • Pray it with the Catechism
  • Use books and videos
  • Paraphrase the meaning for kids

Pray the Rosary    90

  • Ignore the kids and pray
  • Look for cool supplemental resources
  • Make your own cord rosaries
  • Pray the Scriptural rosary
  • Set a prayerful mood
  • Shorten the decades
  • Skip the beads, or get kid-friendly ones
  • Start with one decade
  • Use pictures to aid meditation

Pray for the Sick   93

Pray Traditional Prayers and Devotions   94

Pray When You Pass a Church   31

Prayer Candle   119

Prayer Inspired by Nature   94

  • Bless and praise God for His creation
  • Collect a bouquet
  • Examen
  • Lectio divina
  • Read the stories of saints who befriended God’s creatures

Prayer Journal   120

Prayer Pillowcase   121

Prayer Placemats   122

Prayer Prompts   122

  • at the table
  • by the bathroom mirror
  • on a card dropped in a backpack or lunchbox
  • on bedframes
  • on door frames leading out of bedrooms or out of the house
  • on the back of cereal boxes
  • on the bathroom mirror, using dry erase marker or soap
  • on the bathroom wall near the toilet
  • on the dashboard of your car
  • on the refrigerator door

Prayer Rugs   123

Retreat in Prayer   32

  • Annual retreat
  • Family retreat
  • home retreat
  • parish retreat

Sacred Story Time   98

Saint Prayers   100

Sing Your Prayer   102

  • Add an instrument, start a band
  • Learn church music
  • Sing what you already know
  • Sing along to popular religious music

Smells and Bells   103

  • Bells
  • Candles
  • Holy Water
  • Incense
  • Other symbols
  • Tablecloth or banner

Stations of the Cross   104

  • Find a guide that fits your family
  • Find a public service
  • Pray the Stations as a family at your parish
  • Pray the Stations at home

Table Triangles   123

Thirty Seconds of Silence   106

Vocal Prayer   107

Wear Your Prayer   124

  • Chastity ring
  • Medals
  • Prayer wristband
  • Rosary ring or bracelet
  • Scapular

Work As Prayer   33

  • Offer pictures of work to God
  • Pray before chores
  • Prayerfully reflect on work
  • Sing or play music while doing chores
  • Talk about Christian attitude toward work

Write Your Prayer   108

  • Collect prayers
  • Notecards to God
  • Prayer journal
  • Write a psalm

A Handful of Catholic Prayers

Angel of God   130

Angelus   131

Anima Christi   145

Apostles’ Creed   128

Bless Us, O Lord   135

Canticle of Mary (Magnificat)   133

Canticle of Simeon   134

Canticle of the Sun (St. Francis)   137

Canticle of Zechariah   130

Children’s Bedside Prayer   133

Come, Lord Jesus   135

Essential Catholic Prayers

Eternal Rest   145

An Evening Family Prayer   134

Evening Offerings   133

An Examination of Conscience for Children   143

Glory Be   128

Hail Mary   128

Hail, Holy Queen (Salve Regina)   142

Johnny Appleseed   136

Lasallian Call to Prayer   129

Mealtime Blessings   135

Memorare   145

Morning Offering   129

Morning Offerings   129

Mysteries of the Rosary   140

Noon Offerings   131

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep   133

Our Father   127

Phos Hilaron   134

Pope Francis’s Five-Finger Prayer   143

Prayer of St. Francis   136

Prayer to St. Michael   136

Prayers of the Saints   136

Regina Caeli   132

The Rosary   138

A Short Morning Offering for Children   130

Sign of the Cross   127

Thank You, Jesus   135

This is the Day the Lord Has Made   129


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