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Welcome the New Year with Family Reflections & Resolutions

Your kids may not make it to midnight this New Year’s Eve, but you can still make remembering the old year and setting some spiritual goals for the new one part of your celebration. Here are some ideas for family resolutions from Peanut Butter & Grace bloggers and some handy printables to guide your own process.


by Jerry Windley-Daoust


You’ve got the fake champagne and the noise-makers…and maybe this year the kids will stay up long enough to see the ball drop over Times Square, or maybe they’ll mercifully fall asleep on the couch by 9. Either way, take some time out to remember the highs and lows of the old year, and to set some personal and spiritual goals for the New Year.

Highs and Lows is a simple way to prepare kids for the practice of a daily examen; you can find details at the link. At the end of the year, you can examine the year gone by in the same way, asking family members to name the highs and lows of the year. You might want to go through your family calendar month by month to help prompt memories. Then, simply and informally bring all those memories to prayer, because all those moments ultimately belong to God.

Look forward to the year ahead by setting goals for personal improvement, especially in light of your family’s spiritual life. You can use the printable below to encourage your kids to make their own individual goals, and you can set goals for your family as well.


Looking for Resolutions for Your Family Faith Life?

Looking for some inspiration? We asked some of our regular contributors for their suggestions. Here’s what they suggest.

Practice patience, peace, and perspective: Regina Lordan offers a handful of prayers to help.

Start a regular Couch Catechism time: Tracy Bua Smith shared about her easy-peasy family catechesis in How to Have a “Couch Catechism” Family Devotion Time.

Start reading and reflecting on the Sunday Scriptures with your kids before Mass. I explained how in How to Preview the Sunday Scriptures with Your Kids. Of course, Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry offers a guided reflection plus links to resources every week in Breaking Open the Word at Home.

Heidi Indahl suggests that now would be a good time to pick a theme word or Scripture for the year. She says her article, Teach Your Kids about Baptism with the “Child of Light” Promise Activity, offers a good example of what to do.

This week, Brian Smith debuts his monthly feature on practicing monthly devotions: you can see what he has in mind in The Holy Name of Jesus • Monthly Devotion for January.

Do you go on a parent retreat? This is the year to make it happen.


Download Our Reflections & Resolutions Printables

Want a little assist? Download and print these Reflections & Resolutions printables from MISSION:CHRISTIAN December+January.


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